Friday, February 15, 2013

Photo 1

It's funny how kids try desperately to emulate adults in their social behavior.  I was sitting in Starbucks and these kids were sitting in front of me doing something (who knows what) on the computer.  Initially it was just the girl in the black jacket and the guy.  She must have gotten a call from her mom and judging from the girl's side of the conversation her mom was wanting her to be home by her curfew and the girl was frustrated with that.  When she got off of the phone she says to the guy that her mom was just "yelling at her".  Now, I'm pretty sure that her mom really wasn't yelling at her but the way that teens blow things out of proportion to look cooler in front of their friends really makes me giggle.

Then her friend joins them and shortly after they all left.

Teen's mom is worried about her, teen wants to be treated like an adult, teen's mom is being a mom, teen is being a teen…the world is as it should be.

Is your teen like this?  So ready to leave the nest and so not yet ready to do the same?