Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Dear blog

Dear blog,

It's never a good idea to get so depressed that you aren't losing weight that you binge on mac n cheese.

Just sayin'!


Tummy Achy in Reno

Saturday, February 20, 2010

How depressing

I've been sticking to my diet all week long and yesterday did my cleanse without cheating.  I get on the scales this morning after waking up and what do I see?  A two pound GAIN!!!  I don't understand but it's really discouraging.  I've been eating romaine salads with fat free dressing and fresh tomatoes, Italian salad from Olive Garden (although, I do suppose the Tiramisu at the end was not the best idea...nor the creamed soup), I drank the cleanse juice yesterday without scrunching up my face OR gagging afterwards and this is how I'm repaid?  A two pound GAIN???  I'm so disheartened.  Last time I was on this diet it almost seemed to fall off.  I just don't understand.  I'm FEELING better...I seem to have more energy...but damned if I just can't get below that 300 mark!

Onto other news before I slit my wrists....

I think my fave class this semester is the one with the heaviest load...Diversity.  It's fun.  We have great discussions in class (none of which have to do with a thing that's on the test) and Christopher (the instructor) really makes us use our brains.  We did have another quiz open a few days ago that nobody seems to be able to access but we have 6 days to clear it up.  Hopefully it will be by then!  I still need to start my first 2-3 page paper in APA format for the class...but I plan to do that soon enough.

I finished my first English paper and I believe it's relatively good.  Kurt didn't have much to say in the way of editing besides a small grammar mistake...and it wasn't so much of a mistake as it made sense to say it in a different way.  So I was glad of that.

And math...I love the teacher...but darned if I'm having issues with understand reducing fractions with prime numbers.  Dadgummit!  I'm determined to get it, though.  I'm determined!  Just like I am with my dieting.  I'm determined to!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

What a week

With this new semester comes a LOOOOOT of homework!  Math, English and Diversity.  I've already done one English paper, I have math every night and I took a diversity test on Thursday.  Needless to say, this semester is a lot more intense than last.  But I have confidence in myself.

I've been making a few new friends in school, too.  Always nice to have since it's my only mode of socialization.

I've been doing my Isagenix over the past week.  It began with the two days of cleansing...then 5 days of the I'm on my last day of cleansing.  I've been sticking right to it so here's hoping the scale is nice to me tomorrow!  Crossing my fingers.

Nemo's hatchday was 2 days ago on the 11th and he turned 10 years old.  We sang him happy hatchday and gave him some extra nutriberries.

Tomorrow is Valentines day and surprisingly my husband remembered!  We're going to go to Olive Garden for their soup and salad tomorrow for lunch and then have a few errands to run.  Should be a fun day.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Today I began Isagenix...again.  I had tremendous success the first time that I was on it and lost 60 pounds.  But then I had my gallbladder removed and then moved to Utah and I ended up gaining it all back plus some.  So I'm back on it and determined that this time is it.  It's actually not a bad weight loss plan to be on.  You don't starve.  Well, unless you're doing a cleanse.  And I'm doing what is called the 9 day cleanse.  It begins with two cleanse days where you drink this *ahem* yummy!!! (not) fruit juicy stuff.  It makes me gag just thinking about it!  BUT I drink it because I know what it does for me.  It removes all of the bad toxins and stuff.  So during the normal dieting you just cleanse one day per week...but the 9 day cleanse is kind of a kick start to the program.

So all day today I've been alone at home and bored.  And I eat when I'm bored.  So many times I said to myself...just have something.  Nobody will know!  And then the angel on the other shoulder was like "YOU will know!"  So needless to say I've stuck to my diet perfectly today.  I had an apple (allowed) this afternoon and just had 2 hard boiled eggs (also allowed) for my dinner.  In about 10 minutes I'll be drinking the last of the cleanse for the day and then it'll be back to the cleanse tomorrow.  It sure makes me appreciate the snacks that are allowed during the regular dieting phase.  White cheese, raw almonds, eggs, tuna, carrots, celery...basically anything healthy for you.  But the cleanse days do suck.  They just do.

I also entered into what is called the IsaChallenge.  You win by a combination of essay, weight loss, etc.  I'm really stoked because I think I have a good chance of winning.  It's one of the things that I see as a coming reward.  Part of the winnings is a lot of cash, a 5 day trip to San Diego where we'll be staying in the Marriott.  It's been a very long time since Kurt and I have had a chance to get out on a vacation together.  It'll be fun.  Of course it's not a sure thing yet....but I'm determined.  And if I say I'll win then I will.  Power of attraction, right?

Official starting weight (I know this seems redundant): 313
Short term goal: 300
Long term goal: 180