Sunday, November 28, 2010

Being home with my mom and step-dad, it reminds me of how much I don't want to be like my mom.  At least personality-wise.  She can be pretty fake, at times.  She likes to give and take.  It's difficult, sometimes, to live with it....but it is who and what she is.  I don't know her any other way.

When she was dating my step-dad, she went on hikes with him in the mountains, took long walks, did a lot of outdoor activities with him.  Once they got married, she developed a less than desirable dislike for the very things that she did while dating him.  I wonder if she knows that that can be cause for legal annulment...misrepresenting yourself.  I know that she's got problems with her feet...but she's had those problems for years and years.  She had them while dating him.  She just didn't complain, and she always participated in their dates wholeheartedly.

Something silly that still goes on, is that she got a new SUV a few years ago.  She put a downpayment on it, approximately half of the price, and now he is making two payments per month on it until it's paid off.  Unfortunately, although he's paying half of the car's total, she rarely allows him to drive it.  He mentioned once that it's like asking your controling parent to borrow the car and getting the run around.

In spite of all of that, my step-dad seems to genuinely love her, and for that, I'm glad.  She needs someone in her life to complain to, laugh with, and experience the twilight years of her life with.  I just know that I hope I don't get like that with my husband.  Here's to the future!

With Thanksgiving this week and then the subsequent leftovers, it's no wonder that I've gained almost 2 pounds...however, I was expecting something a lot worse than that!  I'm actually prety stoked.  Granted, that weight is on my mom's scale because I'm not home to use mine.  Hopefully mine doesn't differ too much, though.  I suppose I'll find out next week when I weigh again.

As far as my goals...  I brought my homework to do and have gotten it done.  Well, half anyway.  I still need to do some revisions on my English essay...maybe today sometime.  My water intake has been terrible.  It's so hard to get it all in when I'm not at home.  Sure, there is water available here, of course there is...but it's still just hard to get it in.  Also, I've gotten in my exercise, except for thanksgiving day.  We were traveling still, and then once we arrived in Utah we immediately went to dinner with the family...there wasn't any time left over to exercise.  I didn't worry too much about it, though.

So anyway, that's where I'm at.  A small gain, but it was to be expected.  I'm excited that I didn't do worse!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Well, my goals went okay this week.  The only one that I did wholeheartedly was exercise.  Even though I was sick, I still got that in.  Also, because I wasn't feeling so good, I put off doing my homework until today, so I had a bunch of math that I needed to get up to date on.  Not good to fall behind on math!  Even if it IS easy.

Unfortunately, my water intake and my exercise didn't do crap for my weight loss.  In fact, I gained back the 1/2 pound that I lost last week.  I just don't understand...I was on a roll and now it's just stopped.  Any ideas?  Suggestions?

I do know that I ate some stuff early on in the week that I shouldn't have.  K and I stayed overnight at one of the local hotel/casinos and went to a cheap movie there.  We stopped at the candy store next to it and bought some taffy and other random pieces of candy.  Between the two of us it was gone within 2 days.  But...because I wasn't feeling so good about all of that, I did a two day cleanse where the only things I ate were one apple on the first day and 2 hard boiled eggs on the second day.  And a TON of water.  You'd think with all of that, that I'd have lost at least a pound.  I'm so bummed.

I do wonder, though, if it has to do with the fact that we were out of food in the house, so I wasn't able to eat healthy snacks between meals, therefore eating a little more than I should have of the regular meals.  I know the importance of having a snack between meals...a healthy one, that is.  Usually I eat a couple tangerines, or slice up a small apple....generally fruit of some kind.  Anyhoo...

I'm bummed.  And I dunno if I'll have a loss next week since it's Thanksgiving, and all.  Here's hoping.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

I've caught a cold somewhere. It's had me dragging for the past couple of days, and I still am not up to par. I've been living with Vicks on my upper lip to clear my sinuses. My head is all achy and stuff from being all stuffy. It's a bummer...but I'm glad it's happening this weekend instead of next weekend over Thanksgiving. spite of feeling like complete shit...I've still been exercising every day! Still doing my 60 minutes on the treadmill, 6 days per week. I was telling my husband the other day that it's habit day doesn't feel complete until I have exercised. And I love the feeling of those endorphins zipping through my body during and right after I get on the's like a natural high! I love the euphoria! does a body good!

I've been maintaining just the bare bones of my blog lately, and I feel rather guilty because of it.  I'm sorry, dear blog, for neglecting you.  I realize that you need to keep up with my life, too.

That being said....finals are coming up, which pretty much means I'll be absent as I have been for at least another few weeks!  Sorry, dear blog, but I can't help it!

Branching off....I'm doing really well in my classes!  Pretty sure I've got an A in math, and know that I've got one in English.  I also just signed up for Spring classes, math, writing fiction, and digital photography.  I'm really excited for them.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dear Blog...

Always look both ways before crossing a one way street to avoid any...unpleasantness.

Just saying.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

I'm not sure what I did this week that I didn't do the past 2 weeks...but for whatever reason, I only lost .5 pounds this week.  :(  I so totally wanted to break that 50 pound mark.  Ah well...maybe next week.

As for my Hot 100 goals...

Doing really well on those.  I've been drinking at least 2.5 litres of water each day, doing really well in school, and exercising is awesome!  Can I just repeat that last one...EXERCISING IS AWESOME!!

K and I are going to be doing a locals 2 night stay at a local hotel/casino (Grand Sierra) that we got for free.  We're also going to hit the movie theatre there and finally see Inception.  The prices to the theatre are only $3 per person...and you can bring your own snacks (fruit!) and the seating is loveseats.

So anyhoo...we'll be running back and forth between home and there over the next couple of days.  It'll be nice to not have a little mini dog parked between us while we sleep for a couple of nights, at least!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

I'm doing a little combining this week with this post.  I'm doing awesome with my Hot 100 goals.  Last week I got in every bit of my 2.5 Litres of water that I wanted to get in each day.  I excercised daily for an hour doing cardio on the treadmill, and I'm loving school...and enjoying my family.  Things are going really well now for me...and that makes me really happy.

Now for the weigh-in...

The drumroll please...

After a week's worth of nothing but carb dinners, I thought for sure that I was going to gain a pound or two, even though I still ate in moderation.  I was really dreading today's weigh-in.

I worried for naught.

I lost SIX pounds!!!  I'm totally stoked!  Woohoo!!!  Go me!