Sunday, July 26, 2009

A life without money

I was talking with some co-workers a while back and I brought up the subject of wondering what life would be life had money or a money system never been invented.  If life existed with everyone helping everyone else with no intent to gain because there would never be envy.

If people never started "trading" way back thousands of years ago.  If people didn't need money now.  There would be no recessions, no mortgages, no keeping up with the joneses.  Life would be so much more simple and pleasant.  Life would be different.

Think about would it be? amongst yourselves...I'd love feedback!


Timmy said...

Hard to even fathom. Could things ever be produced? How would one get something they didn't have? Would there be manufacturing? Houses, cars? Don't get me wrong, it would probably work. Can't get away from greed or envy though, it's like it's hard-coded in us.

V-Dizzle said...

Yes, however greed stems from a monetary system as a base. Whether it's by "trade" or "money". Whatever. If the entire concept was just not would life be?