Monday, July 27, 2009

So far so good

I've been busy today.  Got my final paperwork in to the school for
financial aid and made an appointment with a staffing agency for work
for Wednesday.  Oh that reminds me...I need to also make an appointment
with my dr. here so that I can get my meds refilled.  And call my dr in
Utah and get my records transferred.  Moving is a pain sometimes.  But
worth it!

I've been trying to find this dr. that a friend referred me to a couple
of years ago here.  I can't find the paper with the name on it
anywhere!  Argh!  And finding a random physician in Reno is such a pain
in the ass.  It's like throwing a dart and seeing where it lands.  I
don't MIND the dr I'm seeing hubs and I have been seeing him
for several years now.  But I'd prefer someone closer to home.  Ahhh
well.  I guess it's not in the cards.