Saturday, July 11, 2009

Touch is so nice

There is one thing good that has come of my stay here and that is that I've been a regular at getting massages at the local massage college.  Cheap and wonderful.  I know many big people who don't like the idea of getting a massage due to bad body not let that stop you...PLEASE!!!  Professional massage benefits everyone...all body types.  It's soothing, relaxing, releases bad toxins that build up and it's generally just a very good experience.  I wish more fatties like me would get out there and do it.  Support massage yourself!  You deserve to pamper yourself every once in a while!

So I guess you can guess that I had a great massage earlier this evening.  The girl who did it was about halfway through her studies so she was pretty good.  I asked for something  nice and relaxing and when I asked for her to go deeper she obliged.  I think in all the times I've went for massages I've only had one really terrible one.  And even the worst ones you get something out of....who doesn't enjoy touch?  Massage?  What's funny is that they always have issues with draping my legs.  I have uber fat legs cuz of my shortness and they have problems with the sheet tucking behind my knees.  Haha.  I end up helping them out most of the time.  Although the girl today learned by the last time she did it.  She had it DOWN.  I was impressed!

Go get your massage!  Massage is always a good idea!