Thursday, August 27, 2009

First week down

So my classes for the week are finished.  I had a lot of fun...and I believe I will do well in them.  My Political Science class is a little scary but I just need to pay attention.  I've never been one to delve into politics but this is a good place to start!

My other class...History of Rock Music seems as though it will be fun, too.  It's very, very long...almost 3 hours.  But it's only once a week.  So that makes it nice.

I'm still jobless...and still looking.  Tomorrow I have a list of things I need to get done...and Friday I'm hoping to start putting some things together for a yard sale.  We have so much crap in our tiny place that we just can't move around much at ALL!  And since we'd really like to invite my dad here for a visit we'd like to get things cleaned much as we can without a vacuum cleaner, that is.  Ugh.

The days are still hot but the nights are getting cooler...signifying an end to summer's festivities and the beginning of autumn.  The chatter and shrieks from the children across the street at the Elementary school reach my ears in the mornings and I have to smile.  This is home...and it's great to be back. 

It's funny...a good friend of mine moved here to Reno a couple of years after I did and she always hated it.  Me...well, I love Reno.  I love the busy, big city feel and the small town way of life.  Take away the casinos and it'd be Anytown, USA.  But the sound of the train horn blowing at 1am downtown still makes me remember the hot nights I used to spend drunk with my friends stumbling around town to different clubs...dancing into the wee hours.  This is a fun town...and I'm so glad myself and my husband call it home.