Saturday, August 8, 2009


It hadn't occurred to me until tonight that I have no friends here in Reno.  None.  In fact, I don't really have but one good friend at all these days and she doesn't live in Nevada.  And the reason all this occurred to me was that my husband is off doing his Saturday night thing with his friends...and I'm home alone.  Bored.  Very bored.  I was home bored last night, too.  When he went to his book club meeting...with his friends.  My only friend here is my husband.  This sucks.  It really does.  Everyone has moved away.  I want some friends again dammit!


Anonymous said...

I know the feeling. And some friends come from work, but you can't do that right now. BUT you will find friends at school. Chat folks up in classes, go to events. I know it sucks, right up there with dating (or not, in the case of us over-40s stuck in rural Iowa). Thinking of you!